maxingvest ag

maxingvest ag

The holding company and its subgroups

maxingvest ag, formerly Tchibo Holding AG, is the management holding company for the Tchibo and Beiersdorf operating subgroups. As such maxingvest ag monitors and manages its subsidiaries. maxingvest ag holds a 100% stake in Tchibo GmbH and controls more than 50% of the voting rights of Beiersdorf AG.

The new company name better distinguishes the holding company from its two operating subgroups. It is also a nod to the founding couple, Max and Ingeburg Herz, and underscores the family character of the business. The name "maxingvest" represents quality and value, uniting tradition and corporate culture with solidity and growth.

Quality and value

maxingvest ag is the strong, dependable link uniting the key strands of its companies. maxingvest ag provides a solid foundation on which both brand groups can develop their operating business. Rather than maximising short-term profits, maxingvest ag’s long-term strategy ensures that its companies’ worth is grown sustainably, a path that it has been following for many years now.

30 August 2013

maxingvest ag has announced its 2013 half year report on August 30th, 2013 on the Company’s homepage: