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Hamburg, 24 August 2017

maxingvest reports solid business performance in 2016

Revenues and EBIT increase over previous year


In the 2016 financial year, the maxingvest Group generated revenues of €10,062 million (previous year: €10,050 million), reflecting organic growth of 2 %. Tchibo contributed approx. 33% of total revenues, and Beiersdorf 67%. The Group’s operating result (EBIT) was € 1,214 million (previous year: € 964 million), with an EBIT margin of 12.1% (previous year: 9.6%).


In 2016, Tchibo generated sales of € 3,308 million at the previous year's level (€ 3,362 million). The non-food business continued to be under pressure. The retail price decrease for roasted coffee implemented in September 2015 had a full impact in the year under review. As a result of the improvement in the margin as well as a high cost discipline compared to the previous year, EBIT improved significantly € 199 million (previous year: € 34 million). The EBIT margin was 6.0% (previous year: 1.0%).


Beiersdorf improved its revenues by a nominal 1% from € 6,686 million to € 6,752 million. The company achieved an organic revenue increase of 3% compared to the previous year. Both divisions contributed to the higher revenue result: The Consumer division generated revenues of € 5,606 million (previous year: € 5,546 million), a nominal increase of 1% and organic growth of more than 3% year on year, while the tesa division improved its revenues by a nominal 1% from € 1,140 million to € 1,146 million. tesa achieved organic growth of 3%.


EBIT at Beiersdorf increased to € 1,015 million (previous year: € 962 million), with an EBIT margin of 15.0% (previous year: 14.4%). The Consumer division generated EBIT excluding special factors of € 829 million (previous year: € 771 million); its EBIT margin was 14.8% (previous year: 13.9%). tesa reports EBIT of € 186 million (previous year: € 191 million) and an EBIT margin of 16.2% (previous year: 16.8%).



Tchibo expects a revenue performance in 2017 on par with the previous year’s level. Due to investments in marketing activities and the implementation of the strategic realignment of the Non Food business in the operations, EBIT will be below the previous year.


Beiersdorf publishes its own guidance on its business growth and results (see


These information will be announced in the Federal Gazette. 


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About maxingvest:
maxingvest consists of the maxingvest ag holding company and the two operating companies Tchibo and Beiersdorf. The holding company is family owned and, as a management holding, focuses on the strategic management of the group. maxingvest ag owns 100 percent of Tchibo GmbH and controls more than 50 percent of the voting rights in Beiersdorf AG.

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