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We and our two operating subgroups – Beiersdorf and Tchibo – have a reputation for acting responsibly going back more than 70 years. Yet these are not just promises that shaped our past: They are also behind our drive for a more sustainable future.

We are clear about our responsibility to promote an environmentally conscious, sustainable, inclusive, and fair society. One channel we use to report on how we aim to live up to this responsibility is by informing you of related activities at our operating subgroups, Beiersdorf and Tchibo. Another is by publishing our annual sustainability reports on this site (see Downloads).

We also provide you with documentation on our company’s compliance with human rights and environmental obligations. These include the policy statement on our human rights strategy and the human and environmental rights due diligence obligations that we require our business partners to meet (see Downloads).

You can access these and other documents supplied by our subgroups there.
In addition, our subgroups have published more information on sustainability on their own websites (see the Corporate communications section).

You can use the complaints procedure outlined below to inform us of possible human rights and environmental risks, or of potential breaches of human rights and environmental obligations resulting from one of our companies’ business activities in its own area of business, or those of a direct supplier (see Complaints procedure).

Please use the other contact channels for general queries and suggestions about sustainability (see Contact).




Complaints procedure

Beiersdorf complaints mechanism: Introduction (
Tchibo complaints mechanism:
maxingvest complaints mechanism:
• E-mail:
• Phone: 00800 - 82 44 26 99 except for Bangladesh, China, Romania and Turkey. For these countries, please have a look at our “Rules of procedure for human rights and environmental complaints


Contact details

Please feel free to contact us or our subgroups directly if you have any further questions, suggestions, or similar about sustainability.


Corporate communications

Our Beiersdorf and Tchibo subgroups have also published press releases and blog posts on sustainability.